Office 4.0 in Niederkr├╝chten

The conversion and modernisation of our office building in Niederkrüchten provides the perfect setting for focussed work and productive work in teams.

It has been a while since our office building in Niederkrüchten received the German Wood Construction Award – and five years ago, we have built a new, modern office building in Westerkappeln. Reason enough for us to decide that it is now Niederkrüchten’s turn to follow suit.

Thus, we have rebuilt and remodelled our office building in Niederkrüchten and we have created a generously sized, completely open working area.

Especially our sales team benefits from the openness and the retreat options, combined in one working space.

The modern office concept encourages direct communication within the team, facilitates productive group work while also providing ample options for retreating into focused individual work.