Ceilings in a new design

We have just added a new dimension to the realisation of ceiling concepts – with immediate effect our innovative glulam ceiling elements are also available with a one-sided acoustic profile.

With this interesting innovation we are able to offer our customers an attractive new design option – and there is also the essential advantage of an improved sound absorption.
The acoustic ceilings can be chosen with a profile depth or joint distances between 2.3 and 4 cm. The individual elements have a width of 716 mm, the standard slot depth is 20 mm and the fixed slot width is 4 mm.

The benefits at a glance:
• Thanks to the groove profiling the surface appearance is smooth and even.
• Various additional design options are possible in combination with conventional glulam ceiling elements.
• The profiling enables an improved sound absorption.
• Due to the depth cutting (according to the slot depth) in the area of the partition walls the sound transmission in multi span beams (components spanning several rooms) is prevented.
• No cross section expansion needed with a profiling for fire resistance requirement R30; strength > 12cm
• There are no restrictions regarding the load bearing capacity for elements with a thickness of > 12cm

Price indication:
Please contact us for an exact price quotation. After we have received your specific inquiry we shall be ready to submit an exact price based on the actual quantity.