Film – Construction of a glulam support structure for a logistics facility

The DERIX Group is an expert for the planning, production and assembly of sophisticated wooden roof structures. Thanks to an excellent cost efficiency and outstanding material properties, timber frame structures are becoming increasingly popular, especially when it comes to the construction of warehouses and logistics facilities.

Timber frame structures offer numerous ecological advantages and the high degree of prefabrication is an additional asset.

When the prefabricated structural components arrive at the construction site, the installation can commence immediately. Of course, this helps to reduce the assembly time significantly.

The DERIX Group has just made a film about the planning process, the production and the assembly of a large supporting structure for a logistics facility. The video demonstrates in a spectacular and vivid manner all the benefits timber frame structures have to offer.
The bearing structure shown in the video consists of about 200 timber components with lengths of up to 36 metres. The entire structure spans a hall area of 18,000 m2. The entire supporting structure consists of 600 m3 of timber.