Film: Timber constructions

Not only the Netherlands but the whole of Europe faces a paradoxical task: building more houses and emitting less CO2. Does building with timber provide the solution? When building with cement, concrete and steel, around 55 million tonnes of CO2 are released in the construction of one million new buildings. Cross laminated timber (CLT) "X-LAM" or "Kruislaaghout" does not cause any emissions but stores CO2. In addition, it can be used to build "prefab house", so much faster. What are the possibilities and obstacles to the large-scale application of CLT in construction? Are we on the eve of a "wood age" or is that too good to be true? Is there enough space for the required production forests? And should "nature" be traded commercially in this way?

The film "Timber constructions" on the public broadcaster VPRO in the Netherlands sheds light on this topic and shows illustrative examples – e.g. the Hotel Jakarta in Amsterdam and the Biobasecamp at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven - both projects realized with X-LAM elements of the DERIX Group.

Watch the film here, 46 min