Quality and Quality Control

We have committed ourselves to supply excellent quality. Hence it follows that our own quality standards are very high.


It goes without saying that complete knowledge about the flow of materials is very important. Of course this refers not only to the supply of raw material, but applies also to the delivery of the manufactured material to our customers. In this regard we would like to emphasise that 100 % of  the raw material we receive comes from sustainable forestry in Europe which are in surplus production, stable and well-managed. 95 % of the timber we receive are PEFC-certified. Right after the raw material arrives in our manufacturing plant, it is visually screened by our experienced employees. Then it is evaluated automatically so that any irregularities can be identified immediately corresponding to the supplier. Thus, quality evaluation is an integral part of our material planning process. As an authorised manufacturer of laminated timber we have respective certificates that demonstrate that our manufacturing process strictly adheres to the national standards and the European norms and regulations which have been established in the industry. All glues and adhesives used in our manufacturing process have been approved and certified by an independent institute for material testing. It has been approved and acknowledged that our glues and adhesives serve as a protection against moisture, changes in temperature, and most acids and bases.


In order to optimise our quality management, we make sure that the  end-product is tested by random inspection regularly. Further to that, the gluing of the finger-joints is tested on a daily basis and we also check the quality of the lamination very closely. Our customers can rely on the fact that they receive excellent quality. In Germany, manufacturers of laminated timber have to be able to demonstrate responsible manufacturing processes. So twice a year there are unannounced inspections by an independent certification institute. On the occasion of these unannounced inspections the manufacturing process and the record keeping procedures are inspected, the material is tested and samples are taken and submitted to the Federal Institute for Material Testing