Salt storage in Sondershausen

The DERIX Group has erected the timber frame structure for the salt storage in Sondershausen. In this large depot 16,000 tons of road salt are stored for the municipal winter service.

The contract included the complete execution planning, i.e. structural engineering, the provision of the final drawings for the timber structure and the production of the glulam components. The entire construction was realised with steel components and fastening elements made of stainless steel.

The hall roof consists of a three-hinged frame construction which has been put on the wall system at a height of 3 m. The roof pitch is 45° and the ridge height is about 23.00 m. The total warehouse area at the main roof amounts to 2,830.50 m2 and spans 37 metres. The canopy area is 390.00 m2 and spans 23.68 m. The bolts of the three-hinged frame have been executed as fish beams. The DERIX Group also supplied and assembled a two-winged wooden sliding gate for the enormous clearance height of 7.50 m with a total width of 10.54 m.

The construction time for the salt storage was extremely fast: Only 10 months after the groundbreaking ceremony the hall was ready to start operations. The assembly of the timber structure was realised in just 4 weeks.

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