Riding Hall Haskerhorne

The DERIX Group has erected the roof structure of a riding hall in Haskerhorne in the Netherlands. The structural engineering, the execution planning for the timber construction and the assembly of the components have been carried out by the DERIX Group. The total construction time was only five weeks.

The impressive riding arena has a length of almost 160 metres and spans more than 45 metres. The ridge height is 10 metres. In total, 575 m³ of glulam have been used. Of course, the timber components are PEFC-certified and all girders have a protective coating against UV radiation. The columns in the gable area consist of German larch wood which offers the additional benefit of an increased weathering resistance. The implementation of glulam diagonals enhances the lengthwise stability of the construction, and the rigid connection between the double support columns and the beams provide optimal stability in transverse direction.

The riding hall has two training areas: The larger training area has a size of 2.800 m2 and the smaller area has a size of 1.400 m2. Adjacent to the riding hall 20 horse boxes are available, each having a size of 20 m2. At one end of the hall a glulam beam ceiling was implemented. Thus it was possible to include an intermediate level and extend the area by 400 m2 to totally 7.600 m2. Now the riding arena even offers abundant space for a canteen.

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