Pitched cambered beams with straight bottom flange

As the stresses can be transferred efficiently and the profile of the beam matches the outline of the roof pitch, pitched cambered beams with a straight bottom flange are a very effective and simple roof solution. The top edge of the beam continues according to the minimum roof pitch of 2– 5° which is required to ensure adequate roof drainage.

In general, pitched cambered beams can be used for industrial building applications, sports halls and recreational buildings.

Pitched cambered beams with hoisted bottom flange

Although this kind of beam offers the same advantages as the pitched cambered beam. A further advantage of pitched cambered beams with hoisted bottom flange is that the roof pitch can be increased up to 20°. These beams could be specified where a concrete / clay tile covering is demanded. However, with the increase in roof pitch, the tensional strength shall also be increased and therefore it shall be necessary to apply threaded bolts or planking to the connection design. It is advisable to mention this procedure in the project specification.